English language and teacher training

We work in collaboration with many educational institutions in the UK whom are able to provide teacher training course and run online training programs. We also have provided our clients with English language courses that prepare students to take IELTS tests and ESOL exams with various different exam bodies.


This service is for parents, schools’ leaders and colleges or universities leaders who are looking for bespoke packages on online teaching alongwith face to face teaching at their institution.


For parents, we can devise an individualised teaching timetable for their children. This will involve online teaching via Google Classroom and Skype teaching. This service has prepared many young people for their IELTS exams or entrance exams for their chosen international schools.


For schools, we can devise blocks of teaching base on their needs and affordability. An example of the package would be a block of 6 weeks teaching with a set of hours per week for an agreed class size. This will follow with a week of face to face teaching in which we would set out a team of qualified British teachers to teach and assess the learners. This package could include examination for an specific certificate and or a short but intensive course following the British Curriculum on a chosen topic in English.


For university, this service follows the same model as the schools, however, the difference is in terms of level of teaching and contents of teaching.


Please note with all our bespoke package with provide learning materials which are at the UK standards. All our teachers are well qualified teachers from the UK top universities. All our consultants are practicing professionals in their fields.

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