University education and consulting services

We are expert in mapping out your pathway to fulfill your educational goals here in the UK or in the European Union countries such as Germany. We look at your current documents and backgrounds before initiating our 1st consultation. We have secured many offers for our clients.


This service is beneficial for clients with any backgrounds regardless of their vision as our expert team of professionals will devise an individualised route to success.

For instance, if you are an international director or CEO, and your vision is get internationally recognised BSc, MSc or PhD in of the UK or EU leading university then we can help. Firstly, you will use our free online assessment tool to provide us with specifics. Secondly, after our dedicated team have analysed your aim or vision then one of our client’s relationship manager would contact you with three or more informed options for you. Thirdly, you will be given a set time to think your options over, after which point you would be asked to contact your assigned consultant who would run you through the stages. These stages are as follow:

  1. Your country of choice to study in
  2. Why this specific university or country
  3. What is next? This is where we plan for your post graduation goals
  4. How much do you know about living cost and visa implication post graduation

Finally, you are in a position to be passed onto our legal consultant who can take you through application and visa processes for your chosen country and university. Please note at this stage you have two consultant working with you, one is an expert in education and one is an expert in legal field.

Another common services that we provide in this section of our work is the Educational pathway for children aged 10-17 or 18-24.

This service follows similar initial steps as to above although it differs due to age of the student and many other factors.

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